Entries for the 2020 exhibition are now closed.
Entries are now closed for the 2020 exhibition. The status of the exhibition is currently under review and exhibitors will be kept informed.

Please check the guidelines below even if you have exhibited here before. There have been some changes in recent years.

There is no process of selection or approval but please contact me if you have any questions, otherwise just send your entry.

The exhibition will open on Thursday 30th April 2020 and close on Sunday 14th June.

There will be two parts to the exhibition:

- The exhibition in the garden at Showborough House will be run on similar lines to previously. Anyone is welcome to exhibit but there are inevitably some conditions, which I list below.

- There will be an additional space for sculptures in the adjoining field, referred to as The Wood. There is a route laid out for visitors which meanders through the trees. This area will be suitable for larger pieces so there will be no restriction on the price. Work may be placed here even if it has previously been displayed in the garden, and it may be entered in addition to the three pieces for the garden.

The general rules of the exhibition are as follows.

There is an entry fee of £15 per person. Students are exempt.

You may enter up to 3 exhibits in the garden. I regard one exhibit as occupying one space in the garden even if it is made up of several related, but physically separate, pieces. (Additional pieces may go in The Wood.)

Exhibits should not have been shown here previously. (Does not apply to The Wood.)

The maximum sale price of any single exhibit is £4000. (Does not apply to The Wood.)

There is no selection. Entries are accepted on a first-come basis and close when we have sufficient. The only exceptions are when most spaces have been allocated and there remain spaces suitable for some sculptures but not others. Entries will also be declined if they are very similar to ones we have already received.

All work must be suitable for showing outdoors, exposed to the weather.

All work will have to be delivered to Showborough by Friday 24th April 2020 and remain here until the exhibition closes on Sunday 14th June. Work may be collected as early as 4:00pm on Sunday 14th June. There will, as usual, be a tea party for sculptors on that afternoon.

We do not have lifting or moving equipment apart from normal garden barrows and so on, and we do not have any young muscle. Please come equipped to move your own work. You will site your exhibits at the time of delivery and I will not normally move them thereafter.

Your work will be insured by us for Third Party damage only during the exhibition. You will need to arrange for any other insurance you have to cover your work at this location while it is here.

We charge commission on sales of 15% because this is the figure that usually covers the direct costs of the exhibition, primarily publicity. Students do not pay commission.

It is the custom that exhibitors pay commission on all sales resulting directly from exhibitions, including follow-up sales, and I rely on exhibitors to do this. For sales during the exhibition I collect payment at the time of sale or collection. I try to make all payments to sculptors in the two or three weeks following the end of the exhibition.

During the exhibition works should not be available elsewhere, even direct from the artist, at a lower price than at the exhibition.


It is helpful to me if I have details of your exhibits at the time of entry - including size, material and description (ideally a photograph). If you are unable to provide this I will request full details before we close entries.

If you wish to enter please send: details of your entry; your name, address, e-mail and telephone number; a cheque for £15 payable to Andrew Roache, if applicable; all to - Andrew Roache, Showborough House, Twyning, Gloucestershire GL20 6DN.

I will confirm acceptance within a few weeks. To avoid conspicuous duplication a few entries may sadly be declined.

If you wish to know more before committing yourself contact me at showboroughhouse@gmail.com or on 01684 296605.